ceramic chip inductor

Introducing the BSCH00060303R10J00: Pulse’s Revolutionary 100nH RF Ceramic Chip Inductor

  Pulse is making waves in the technology industry with the launch of their newest innovation, the BSCH00060303R10J00 100nH RF ceramic chip inductor. This groundbreaking product extends the capabilities of the existing BSCH series. Encased in a compact 0201/0603 chip package, the BSCH00060303R10J00 boasts an impressive 100nH inductance value. What sets this chip inductor apart…

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SMT LAN discrete modules

Pulse launches highly automated SMT LAN discrete modules for 10Base-T to 10GBase-T Applications

World leading LAN discrete supplier Pulse Electronics, a YAGEO group company, announces the launch of their latest HBxxxxHLT and HXBxxxxHLT range of discrete LAN components produced on highly automated, cost-effective Pulse manufacturing lines.  The high level of automation enables scalability, repeatability and maintains the always exceptional Pulse component quality. Pulse’s decades of ethernet magnetic design…

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solar tariff

What the New Solar Tariff Means for Businesses

In January, the U.S. government announced that there would be a 30% tariff on imported solar cells and modules. “Our action today helps to create jobs in America for Americans. We’ll be making solar products now much more so in the United States. Our companies have been decimated, and those companies are going to be…

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Top Seven Benefits of a Shark Fin Antenna

  When it comes to vehicular antennas that help your fleet communicate, navigate, and transmit data, PulseLarsen offers a wide range of multi-band options options–including offerings from our Panther, Armadillo, Jaguar, Razorback, Disk, and Shark Fin antenna families. While all of these choices offer a complete telematics solution, each one has specific benefits that make it…

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