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Pulse Electronics has expanded it’s RF inductor range with a selection of high current, multi-layer constructed, SMD Chip Inductors in 0603, 0805 and 1008 sizes to complement the existing ceramic and ferrite RF wire wound inductor ranges.

The new “CLH” series offer inductance values ranging from 470nH to 4.7uH,  an inherently low DC resistance and industrial operating temperature. The low DCR give rise to superior DC bias current handling up to 1.6A (see graph), when compared to traditional ferrite or ceramic sized solutions.

The use of modern monolithic materials also gives enhanced magnetic shielding, resulting in low cross coupling with PCB tracks and other inductive components, allowing for closer proximity in layouts, saving PCB real estate.



Key Features and Benefits:

  • Monolithic inorganic material
  • Low DC resistance support higher DC bias currents
  • Magnetically shielded for low Cross coupling
  • Operate temperature -40°C up to +85°C Supports WAVE Soldering with 260°C Peak
  • Supports WAVE Soldering with 260°C Peak


Analogue & RF Circuits:

  • Tuners, GPS, Antenna Amplifiers 
    Power Circuits: Voltage Regulators, POL Inductors
  • DC/DC converters and chargers
    Computers, Mobile Devices, Cameras, Gaming, Audio and Industrial Comms



Parts List – CLH Series

Part Number Size Construction Inductance Range
PE-0603CLH 0603 Multi-layer Ceramic 470 to 4,700
PE-0805CLH 0805 Multi-layer Ceramic 1,000 to 6,800
PE-1008CLH 1008 Multi-layer Ceramic 1,000 to 4,700



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PE-0603CLH | PE-0805CLH PE-1008CLH