Pulse is excited to announce the launch of the new PAC6006 series of Round Wire Coil  common mode chokes which double the current density of existing industry solutions of similar size.   The PAC6006 complements our  higher power  PA5140/41 series. The new product uses the low cost EP13 core shape to introduce a smaller platform size (16x14x14mm)   with  inductance values from 60uH to 600uH and   a current rating of up to 17A.  With self-resonant frequencies (SRF) in the  the 3 to 12MHz range and impedances exceeding 1kΩ these products are  ideal for the filtering requirements of many modern applications.



We have been delighted with the market interested in the PA514x series and the range of applications into which they have been designed. This smaller product offering responds to the ever-present expectation of continued miniaturization, particularly for applications where board space rather than component height is at a premium. Compared to existing products on the market that occupy a similar footprint, the compact round wire coil construction provides more than twice the current rating for a given inductance.

Gerard Healy | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics


The winding of the round wire coil is fully automated, making this product well suited for high-performance, high reliability applications in the data communications, computing, and industrial markets which also require a price competitive solution. Further information is available in our white paper “How Does it Work – Common Mode Chokes” to understand the operation of the common mode choke and how it can be used as part of a EMI filtering circuit.

Samples are available through the web portal here or via the Pulse distribution network.


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