EMI Suppression Beads

Eliminating or reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI), or noise, is critical in almost all electronic systems including power lines, signal interfaces, clocks and control circuits.   This noise is often generated by active components such as IGBTs, FETs, power supplies, ASICs and processors and if allowed to propagate through the system can compromise the performance of other devices.  One of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions to reduce noise is to use EMI Suppression Beads.   These components are put in series with the system and work by presenting a low impedance within the frequency range of the desired signals but a high impedance within the frequency range of the unwanted signals.  This high impedance essentially blocks the noise from moving through the system by absorbing the interference and converting this energy to heat.    When selecting an EMI Suppression Bead it is critical to understand the frequency bands that are to be eliminated as well as the DC currents that will flow through the part.  Our EMI Suppression beads utilize unique materials to enable optimized performance from 25Mhz to >1GHz and are available in both commercial and automotive grade in six platform sizes ranging from 0603 to 4532 with current handling capability from 200mA to 9A.

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