trans inductor voltage regulator

Traditionally, voltage regulation in data centers, storage systems, graphics cards, and personal computing devices relied on multi-phase buck regulators. However, the increasing demands of these applications have exposed the limitations of the traditional approach. That’s where TLVR, Trans Inductor Voltage Regulator comes into play.


TLVR introduces a novel concept by replacing traditional inductors with trans-inductors (1:1 ratio transformers). The result? A reliable and efficient power delivery solution that revolutionizes transient response and voltage regulation. TLVR has garnered widespread adoption in VR14 and related programs, but there’s still much to explore.


Join us in our comprehensive technical paper as we dive deep into the magnetic structures of TLVR inductors. We examine the challenges they pose, such as mechanical stability, phase-phase isolation voltage, and increased costs. But fear not, as we also discuss potential solutions that pave the way for TLVR to become a widely adopted technology.


Efficiency is a key factor in any power management solution. That’s why we compare the efficiencies of TLVR and traditional VRMs, shedding light on the advantages and considerations of each approach. From core losses to AC winding effects, we analyze the intricacies of TLVR technology and the road ahead for its continued improvement.


Are you intrigued? Ready to witness the revolution of power delivery? Then click below to delve into our thought-provoking technical article. Explore the transformative power of TLVR inductors and the possibilities they unlock for high-current applications.


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