antenna radome omni

Pulse is excited to introduce the latest model of our Radome Omni (RO) product series, RO600/71NFKIT, expanding our 5G-FR1 and WiFi-6E offering. Covering a wide frequency range 617-960/1450-7125 MHz, the RO600/71NFKIT offers superior performance across the entire operating band, with 2.5 dBi gain at the mission critical sub 6GHz frequency range. Especially designed to optimize and compliment WiFi-6E, 5G-FR1 and CBRS networks, this antenna delivers performance in key bands where it matters the most.


“Pulse takes pride in designing high-performance, high-quality products that continue to transform the wireless industry. The RO600/71NFKIT is just another example of Pulse’s design capabilities and desire to be an industry leader in 5G Antenna products. With our wireless landscape constantly expanding, this antenna’s wideband frequency, and exceptional performance in key bands will help to optimize your wireless network deployments. Pulse is proud to add another high-performance antenna to our already exceptional wireless portfolio.”

Ryan Wenzelman | Product Marketing, Wireless PBU, Pulse Electronics


With our wireless industry constantly evolving and our recent desire to deploy private cellular networks utilizing the CBRS Band, the RO600/71NFKIT is an ideal candidate for this application. Boasting a 76% efficiency rating and 5 dBi gain throughout the C-Band Frequency Range, with a new aesthetically pleasing design, our new RO series can be installed across a variety of landscapes. Designed to offer best in class reliability and throughput, the RO600/71NFKIT will allow companies to take advantage of the high bandwidth, low-latency capabilities 5G offers.


Features & Benefits:

  • Wide Frequency range 617-960/1450-7125 MHz
  • Designed for optimal performance in key frequency bands
    • Average peak gain: 617-960 MHz 2.5dBi, 1450-4200 MHz 4.0dBi, 4400-7125 MHz 4.3dBi
  • Mechanically robust design
    • DC Grounded
    • IP67 Ingress Rating, with 720 Hour Salt Spray Rating
  • New aesthetically pleasing RO package; 8.6” Tall & 2.45” Diameter


Manufactured with rugged construction, omni-directional pattern and DC Grounded design make the RO600/71NFKIT ideal for many applications including remote monitoring, private cellular networks & IOT applications. For more details on our Outdoor 5G-FR1, WiFi-6E Radome Omni please review our product overview.

To see Pulse’s complete line of 5G-FR1 and WiFi-6E antennas, including our entire RO product line, utliize our Product Finder.  Samples are available through the web portal or via the Pulse distribution network.