Pulse Electronics launches an expanded selection of PulsejackTM, integrated connector modules (ICMs) that are ideal for use in the latest LTE and 5G Mobile Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and  other Industrial and outdoor uses. These new additions expand, and complement, our  current commercial grade 10Gigabit products allowing  wider operating temperature requirements of -40 to +85°C and  the added provision of high power PoE+ up to 140W or 90W per IEEE802.3bt , depending on selected option.

All our PulseJack™  designs provide a “one-component” solution to a discrete design and offer superior EMC; as all the magnetic portion is confined within the shield of the RJ45 connector. The large cavity allows for higher PoE currents, up to 1.3A, to be supported internally without overheating when running under high load. The shield has top and bottom EMI fingers and extra grounding tags for improved  EMI and the front LED,  rear signal and mid-section PoE pins  maintain sufficient  separation to  ease EMC and PCB power/signal/ground routing issues.

The 4 pair PoE options can be deployed for both Power supply (PSU) and terminal (PD) equipment for maximum versatility.

“These new ICM designs are a great “One solution, fits all”,  being totally flexible when it comes to speed, by supporting 10GBase-T, they also will give great connectivity to the slower 1G, 2.5G and 5G data rates, and by exceeding the requirements of IEEE802.3bt Type4 class 8 power rating  with up to 140W they can support many new applications for peer2peer powered devices as well as those governed by the standard – they truly set the bar for High Power PoE+ with margin to spare.”

Robert Frost | Product Marketing, Network PBU, Pulse Electronics



  • Base-Stations and Roof-top Cabinets: 4G, LTE and 6G Mobile Mast and roof-top cabinets,  Point-to-Point Datacoms
  • Industrial / Outdoor: Factory Servers, Routers and switches, Signage and Video walls, Mobile secure Comms and access points, Imaging,  data logging and remote monitoring



  • 10G Ethernet over UTP surpassing IEEE802.3an
  • Supports 4 pair PoE power rating from 90W up to 140W
  • Bi-Colour LEDs for indicating operating mode
  • Rugged Design for industrial and outdoor use
  • Single component solution with excellent EMC
  • Individual CT Pins for flexible Phy connections

To see Pulse’s complete line of ethernet connector modules see our JTX7 Integrated Connector Module or search our network connectors by using our Product Finder.  

Samples are available through the web portal or via the Pulse distribution network.