Flyback Transformer

Pulse Expands its Range of EFD15 Power Transformers with PGT646x Product Series

    Pulse is excited to expand its range of EFD15 platforms with the introduction of the new PGT646xNL series; a valued addition to its existing offering of EFD15 power transformers, known for their versatility in DC/DC converter applications. The platform uses an innovative bobbin design to extend the pin to core creepage distance to a minimum of…

current sense transformer

Pulse Introduces low Profile 50A Current Sense Transformer with 10mm Extended Creepage Distance for Switchmode Power Supply Applications

  Pulse is excited to announce the launch of the new PAS6322 series of current sense transformers which supports current measurement of up to 50Arms. The innovative extended ER11.5 bobbin allows for an ultra-low profile and the smallest reinforced insulation,10mm creepage solution on the market. The platform measures 12.8×20.5×7.0mm and has secondary winding options from 30T/0.4mH…

isolation gate transformer

High Isolation Gate Drive Transformers – PH9572 Series
500-1000Vdc Constant Isolation Voltage, 6W of Power

Pulse continues to expand its range of high isolation gate drive transformer with the introduction of the PH9572 series. These transformers use the compact EP7 platform, which requires only a 10 x 9mm footprint and an 11mm height. A distinguishing feature of this series is the two gate windings with up to 5mm creepage between…

Power beads banner

Dual Winding TLVR Inductor and
Compensation Choke, 105nH to 200nH, 125Apk

Pulse continues to expand our portfolio of inductors used to power processors, memory, FPGAs and ASICs in servers, datacenters and storage systems.  Our latest product developments are specifically designed for use with the trans-inductor voltage regulator (TLVR) topology and leverage our existing high volume automated manufacturing to ensure quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The TLVR topology…