Designing & Building Isolation Transformers

Low Power Isolation Transformers are used in a wide-assortment of applications and circuits for the communications, computing, medical, industrial and automotive market segments. Traditionally isolation transformers were used to isolate signals between low voltage and high voltage circuits, provide voltage to gate drive circuitry along with turn-on and control IGBTs. In addition, they are used to power isolated communication interface such as RS-232 and RS-485. With the proliferation of high voltage battery pack in automotive and energy storage applications the demand for compact, high isolation transformers is growing exponentially.

The key parameters for an isolation transformer are the volt-usec rating (to ensure the parts does not saturate), the turns ratio (to ensure it is correct for the intended application) and the safety and voltage isolation (to ensure it conforms to the end-application requirements).

Pulse offers isolation transformers in both through-hole and surface mount in a wide-array of winding configurations and ratios and are typically used in h-bridge, f-bridge, push-pull and flyback topologies.    Pulse catalog parts range in isolation voltage from 500Vrms to 5kVrms and feature functional, basic and reinforced safety insulation.


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