Custom Power Solutions from mW to kW

A significant portion of Pulse’s Power PBU business is derived from developing unique magnetic solutions for our end-customer’s applications.   In fact, many of our catalog parts began as projects for a specific customer and then were expanded into a broader offering.  Often customers are reluctant to engage on a custom design as they anticipate higher costs, NRE charges or longer lead times but in reality most projects leverage existing materials and platforms and therefore lead time, cost and NRE are not affected.  Although we do have a wide selection of catalog power magnetics it is still often necessary to create custom or application specific designs due to variations in:

  • Power supply topologies
  • Input voltage ranges
  • Operating frequency
  • Output voltage and power requirements
  • Mechanical and thermal constraints.

These custom or application specific designs are often simple tweaks to existing catalog solutions or new design on existing platforms. However, some designs may require completely new platform development utilizing custom materials  (cores, windings and plastics) and in these cases any NRE, price or lead-time impacts will communicated up front to our customers.   By leveraging our material knowledge, design expertise and finite element analysis simulation tools Pulse can quickly evaluate your requirements, determine if a project is feasible and design and manufacture parts that meet your exact requirements.

Custom products as defined in the Specialized Power Catalog included but not limited to:
High Power Custom Power Transformers

  • LLC Transformer
  • H-Bridge Transformer
  • PSFB Transformer

High Current Custom Inductors and CM Choke

  • Output Inductor
  • Resonant Inductor
  • Resonant Choke
  • PFC Inductor
  • CM Choke

Integrated Custom Power Magnetic Assemblies

  • Integrated LLC
  • LLC Xfrm & Resonant Ind
  • PFC Choke

Small Form Factor Custom Solutions

  • Current Sense Magnetic
  • Flyback Transformer
  • Straddle Inductor
  • Isolation Transformer

Please follow the link and fill out the form below and we will review your projects fit within our manufacturing capabilities and business model. We will typically respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Variety of Custom Power Magnetics