About Our Integrated Connector Modules (ICM)

Integrated Connector Modules (ICMs) incorporate the ethernet signal magnetics used for filtering and isolation into the RJ45 connector housing to simplify your design, minimize overall PCB footprint, and enable excellent EMI performance.  Our PulseJackproduct line is available in extended temperature ranges, high isolation applications and are suitable for a wide-range of data rates, mounting options, PoE levels and configurations including:

Key Features:

  • Data Rates: 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T, 2.5GBase-T, 5GBase-T, 10GBase-T and HDBase-T
  • PoE: PoE, PoE+ & 4 Pair PoE
  • Package Configurations: 1×1, 1xN, 2xN, RJ45/USD, Low Profile, Offset, Top and Side-Entry & more
  • Mounting Options:  Through-hole, Surface Mount, Pin-in-Paste and Press Fi

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