About Our RF Filters and X2Y Capacitors

Pulse makes a wide range of high reliability products for filtering RF communication signals for both Wired and Wireless applications.

  • Pulse Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) offering includes Band Pass Filters, Baluns, Diplexers and Couplers that are used in conjunction with our antennas to minimize attenuation and noise in applications such as smart phones, tablets and Wifi networking devices.
  • Pulse X2Y capacitors combine two Y-capacitors and one X-capacitor into a single 4 terminal device to provide superior decoupling and filtering within an integrated passive device (IPD) enabling better EMC compliance for a wide range of electrical equipment.
  • Pulse RF Transformers offering includes Couplers, Splitters and Diplexers used to enable twisted-pair copper high-speed wired communication services to homes and businesses. Products are designed to exceed ANSI and ETSI standards and are used in cable modems and other networking applications.

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