power tramsformer

Introducing the PGG/PGM6457NL Series: Pulse Expands its Isolation transformer product line for industrial and automotive applications

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our isolation transformer product line with the highly anticipated PGG/PGM6457NL series. This new series showcases our innovative sidecar packaging design, enabling the creation of remarkably compact form factor measuring just 15.6 mm x 16.5 mm x 7.2 mm, while providing 13mm creepage distance between pins. Designed as…

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Introducing HDBaseT Industrial Temperature Transformer and Common Mode Choke

Pulse Electronics Networking BU has once again expanded its HDBaseT product offering with the introduction of the new HDBaseT Industrial Temperature -40C to +85C Transformer and Common Mode Choke series.  Designed to improve EMI performance and support power over HDBaseT (PoH) applications, the HDBaseT Industrial Transformer and Common Mode choke are a great edition to…

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iatf slic common mode choke

Pulse Launches IATF SLIC and Shasta Common Mode Chokes

Pulse is excited to announce the availability of IATF versions of its popular SLIC and Shasta CMC’s with a selection of these products offering inductance from 92uH to 1.8mH, current rating from 2.8A to 20A, in platform sizes ranging from 9x9x3.8mm to 31×25.4×12.7mm. These versatile SMD products have been optimised to provide a peak impedance…

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Power Inductor PSiP

High Current PSiP Inductor – PGL6477 & PGL6478 series

Pulse Electronics expands its portfolio of high current, low DCR inductors with release of PGL6477 & PGL6478 series. The PGL6477/78 product series can be used in single phase PoL and multi-phase buck converters to power processors, memory modules, FPGAs and ASICS in  servers, datacenters, networking systems and graphics cards. These new product series provide lower…

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Current sense magnetics

How Does it Work?

  In many power supplies and circuits it is advantageous and even necessary to monitor the currents flowing in, out, or through a power supply circuit. For example, monitoring for transient overcurrent conditions in the output a DC-DC converter to trigger protection circuitry or to monitor the resonant tank current for control of a Resonant…

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