Low industrial pulsejack

Pulse announces a set of three new low-profile PulseJack® ICM products for industrial use which are fully ROHS-6 compliant.  The parts are direct replacements to the “J0G-” products already available and listed on our website, but have been designed to cover the extended operating temperature range from -40oC to +85oC, making them idea for industrial and outdoor equipment and applications

 The JXD1-1V07NL and JXD1-1V17NL are targeted at customer looking to upgrade the environmental needs when using J0G-0007NL while JXD1-1V09NL is for those who are supporting 1Gigabit on J0G-0009NL.

“The new components combine transformers and chokes for isolation of ethernet interfaces up to 2250Vdc supporting 100Base-Tx (fast ethernet)  and 1000Base-T (1 Gigabit) in a low-profile integrated RJ45 THT connector sitting just 11.5mm above the PCB. “ said Robert Frost – Pulse Wired PBU Product Marketing Associate Director.  He then added “The JXD1-1V07NL and JX1-1V17NL (without EMI) can also support industrial ethernet protocols like Profi-Bus, MODbus, EtherCAT and PowerLink, and they are fitted with a bi-colour Green-Orange LED and Yellow LED combination for USER panel signal and link status indication. The gigabit design for JXD1-1V09NL utilises all 12 PCB pins – this allows for access to the central taps of the transformers giving it the flexibility to support both leading current sink (Idr/AFE) and Voltage driven (Vdr/DSP) Phys out in the market.”

Robert Frost, Product Marketing Associate Director, Wired Communications PBU, Pulse Electronics

The low-profile height of 11.5mm is ideal for PCI, PCIe, AMC, PMC, and Cardbus mezzanine card designs for embedded applications where height is a premium

Visit the Pulse website for the Datasheet J50x.A(10/22) to see the Electrical and mechanical specifications and schematics and packing for these newly promoted products.


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