Wireless W1895

Pulse Electronics’ W1856 is a 5G-FR1, WiFi-6E indoor wall or window mount antenna, covering wideband frequency range 617-7125 MHz. With exceptional performance throughout the entire band, and a minimum of 2dBi gain, the W1856 is designed to provide consistent and reliable connectivity  throughout your home and business.

With support for both 5G and WiFi-6E, and MiMo capability, the W1856 delivers lightning-fast speeds and ultra-low latency, making it ideal for streaming high-definition video, gaming, and other bandwidth intensive activities. The frequency range of 617-7125 MHz, and low VSWR, the W1856 is compatible with the latest WiFi-6E routers and devices.

“Pulse continues to release products focused on the latest technology enhancing users’ connectivity and wireless experience,” said Ryan Wenzelman, Wireless Product Marketing Manager. “Compared to other indoor 5G and WiFi-6E antennas, the W1856 has a compact construction and easy to deploy furthering our goal of enhancing the user experience.”

Ryan Wenzelman | Wireless Product Marketing Manager, Pulse Electronics

Designed for easy installation the W1856 can be mounted on a wall or window while maintaining a low-profile aesthetic. With an impressive thickness of only 9.6mm, the W1856 is easy to deploy with included clips or suction cup mounts providing an unobtrusive solution for users looking to upgrade their wireless connectivity. With low profile design the W1856 is ideal for quick deployments in indoor applications for laptop connectivity, access points, routers, and other 5G-FR1/WiFi-6E compatible accessories.

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