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We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our isolation transformer product line with the highly anticipated PGG/PGM6457NL series. This new series showcases our innovative sidecar packaging design, enabling the creation of remarkably compact form factor measuring just 15.6 mm x 16.5 mm x 7.2 mm, while providing 13mm creepage distance between pins.

Designed as a surface mount component, this new series sets a new standard with its reinforced insulation and isolation capability of 4.2kVrms between the windings, in a package height less than  in a 7.2mm height package


The market response to our sidecar platform transformers has been overwhelming, and we are delighted by the positive feedback and the diverse range of applications they have been integrated into. The development of this series  was driven by valuable customer insights, with a specific focus on reinforced safety insulation within the sidecar package. When compared to similar products in the market, the PGG6457NL’s compact construction stands out. Given the additional interest from the automotive market, we are launching in parallel the PMG6457 ITAF version.

Gerard Healy | Product Marketing, Specialized Power PBU

The PGG6457NL series is just one among our extensive portfolio of high isolation platforms. To explore and compare the entire range, we invite you to consult our comprehensive High Isolation Transformer Platform Guide, where you can access datasheets and find the perfect fit for your requirements.

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