common mode choke

High Current Surface Mount Automotive Grade Common Mode Chokes Low Profile Planar Construction – PM9407 Series

Pulse is proud to expand its range of automotive grade IATF catalogue common mode choke with the introduction of the PM9407 series. Using Pulse’s round wire coil winding technology, horizontally mounted in a planar core, these new series offer one of the lowest profiles, highest current, surface mount packages currently in the market. The CMC…

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Power Beads PAL6373

Dual winding TLVR inductors for Server Vcore Power, 100nH to 180nH, 117APK

Pulse continues to expand our portfolio of inductors used to power processors, memory, FPGAs and ASICs in servers, datacenters and storage systems.  Our latest product developments are specifically designed for use with the trans-inductor voltage regulator (TLVR) topology and leverage our existing high volume automated manufacturing to ensure quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The TLVR topology…

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isolation transformer PG1895 series

Pulse Expands its range of EFD20 gate drive transformer with high isolation voltage, PG1895 Series

Pulse is excited to announce the launch of the new PG1895NL of EFD20 flyback transformer specifically designed for SiC or IGBT devices switching. The PG1895NL is a 6W flyback which provides five groups of output with footprint size 29.4mmx25.5mmx12mmMax, and the hipot could reach 2400Vrms isolation voltage Max. One typical application is that PG1895NL could be…

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standard power


Achieving higher power density and fully utilizing board space are challenges for power supply designs, especially in applications for industrial, communications, and personal electronics markets. Pulse’s newest line of miniature molded inductors, the BDQQ series, looks to tackle these challenges by reducing the overall losses in point-of-load designs (PoL), especially buck converter applications for smart…

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Pin-in-Paste Top-Entry PulseJack™

Pulse Wired Communications JX3V- PulseJack® top entry ICM platform brings together the know-how of SMD, with the features of THD to support the newest production trends for THR/Pin-in-Paste. The JX3V represents the latest revision of the popular Top Entry product range and has been designed to suit the growing demand for reflow compatible THT products…

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