Wireless Radome omni antenna

Pulse continues to expand range of products within emerging Technologies, introducing our latest WiFi-6E Radome Omni Antenna, RO2471NM. The RO2471NM antenna harnesses the full potential of WiFi-6E technology, delivering lightning-fast connections and unparalleled bandwidth. With its wideband coverage, 2400-7125 MHz, it ensures enhanced performance even in crowded and high-interference environments. Effortless integration is made possible with the direct N-Male connector, allowing for seamless integration into your existing system setup.

Standing at just 6.8 inches tall, the RO2471NM boasts a sleek and discreet low-profile design that blends seamlessly into any environment. Whether mounted on utility boxes or discreetly placed in remote monitoring setups, it offers optimal coverage without compromising aesthetics.

With a gain of 3-5 dBi, the RO2471NM antenna delivers enhanced signal strength and an improved coverage range. It is ideal for smart metering, remote monitoring, utility boxes, and other IoT applications, ensuring reliable and robust connectivity for all your wireless devices.

“Pulse continues to focus on leading edge technology within our antenna products, delivering exceptional products within key markets. The RO2471NM is another example of how Pulse continues to deliver high performance antennas focusing on key technologies, while keeping customer needs at the forefront of our designs. The RO2471NM is a cost-effective antenna solution compared to competitors while offering wideband WiFi-6E coverage, small profile, and high gain for our ever growing need for connected devices”

Ryan Wenzelman – Wireless Infrastructure, Product Marketing Manager

Unleash the power of IoT with the RO2471NM Radome Omni Antenna from Pulse Electronics. Experience unmatched reliability, improved efficiency, and enhanced productivity. Elevate your connectivity experience, embrace the future of WiFi-6E, and unleash the power of IoT. 


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