High Isolation Gate Drive Transformer, Encaslation Toroid Platform

Pulse is delighted to announce the launch of automotive grade forward gate drive transformer specifically designed for IGBT device switching. The PMG3045NL is a 2W forward transformer which provides a +15V for device switch on as well as a -7.5V for robust switch off.  The encapsulation construction provides 3750KV ac withstand voltage in a compact (15.8×12.5×10.2mm) SMD platform.

This platform satisfies the 10mm min creepage distance and complies with IEC62368-1 for reinforced  insulation. Triple insulated wire is utilized to fulfil the requirements of high reliability in automotive applications.

One typical application is that PMG3045NL could be used in three phases inverter driver system in electric vehicles. The typical input voltage is 15V with 100KHz switching frequency, winding (6-8) provides +15V output with full-bridge rectifier for IGBT switch on, and winding (5-7) provides -7.5V with half-bridge rectifier for switch off. See the application circuit below.


PMG3045-power transformer

“We are excited with the market interest in the PMG3045NL series and the range of applications they are produced for. The encapsulation construction is designed for critical motor drive environment, 10mm creepage distance and reinforced insulation provides isolated power solutions for IGBT inverter circuit. This AEC-Q200 qualified platform continues to be a trusted solution for the most demanding of applications”

Kevin Li | Product Marketing, Specialized Power PBU, Pulse Electronics

The winding of the round wire coil is fully automated, making this product well suited for high-performance, high reliability applications in the data communications, industrial and automotive markets.

Whether you are in the automotive industry or any other sector that demands reliable and cost-effective solutions, our new product is designed to meet your needs. Trust Pulse for innovative and price competitive solutions that never compromise on quality. Samples are available through the web portal here or via the Pulse distribution network.


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