Pulse is delighted to announce the expansion of its IATF current sense transformer portfolio with addition of the automotive grade version to the existing PAS6322 series. The PMS6322 series supports current measurement of up to 50Arms. The platform measures 12.8×20.5×7.5mm, has turn ratios from 1:30 to 1:200 and is capable of effectively measuring frequencies as low as 20kHz. The extended creepage design allows for basic and reinforced insulation in an ultra-low profile product. The part is designed to comply with IEC 61558-1 and is therefore suitable for applications where safety insulation is required.

“We were impressed with the automotive market interest in the innovative ER11.5 design, especially its ability to provide basic insulation for a working voltage up to 1000Vrms. Additionally, we confirmed compliance to IEC 60664, through partial discharge testing for a repetitive peak voltage up to 1000Vpk, to define this voltage rating over the life time of the product. Therefore we are delighted to address the need for an automotive grade 50 A current sensing solution, for application such as inverter IGBT current monitoring and kW DC/DC conversion, with the release of this series.”

Gerard Healy | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics

Further information is available in our white paper “Partial Discharge Explained” to better understand how this test method is used to define the voltage rating of an insulation barrier.

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