Wireless Antenna

Pulse Electronics, a leading provider of antenna RF technology, is proud to announce the release of a new high-performance omni directional dipole base station antenna for the UHF Frequency band, RO450NFKIT. This new antenna is designed for use in both urban and rural environments as well as harsh environments featuring a stainless bracket that boasts a 720 hour salt mist rating.


The RO450NFKIT is designed with a high-performance dipole element that provides a wide operating frequency range and exceptional performance and efficiency with 2.3 dBi gain and 92% efficiency! The omni directional pattern ensures that the antenna can provide a strong and reliable signal over a wide area, making it perfect for use in all applications and environments. The low profile design compared to other base station antennas on the market, 8.6” tall, makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including IoT/IIoT, Remote Monitoring, Public Safety & more.


The RO450NFKIT base station antenna is specifically designed to provide superior performance in a wide range of environments, including coastal areas where salt mist corrosion can be a major issue. In addition to its high-performance design & IP67 ingress rating, the antenna also features a compact and lightweight bracket, making it easy to install and transport.  The 720 hour salt mist rating on the bracket ensures that the antenna can withstand prolonged exposure to salt mist without degrading in performance and constant need for replacement.


“We are excited to introduce this high-performance omni directional UHF base station antenna to the market,” said Ryan Wenzelman, Wireless Infrastructure Product Manager. “Our team continues to work tirelessly to develop high performance antenna solutions and in this case an antenna that provides superior performance and coverage in challenging environments. With a 720 hour salt mist rating, this antenna is the perfect solution for coastal areas and other harsh environments.”


The omni directional dipole base station antenna is available for purchase now, visit your favorite distributor for support and services.


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