PulseChip™ Ethernet Transformers: Superior, Repeatable Performance (1Gigabit, 2.5Gigabit, 5Gigabit, 10Gigabit)

Pulse Electronics, a global leader in Ethernet Magnetics for LAN interface, has released their PulseChipTM 1Gigabit, 2.5Gigabit, 5Gigabit, and 10Gigabit single transformers to support standard and Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications for the commercial and industrial temperature rated environments. These new PulseChipTM transformers TC1000, TC1000P, TC2500, TC2500P, TC5000, TC5000P, TC10000, and TC10000P are being produced…

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PulseLarsen Antennas to Showcase V-Thinity at Annual Tessco One Showcase

Conference highlights wireless products, expert-led sessions, and networking.   HUNT VALLEY, MD–03/22/18 PulseLarsen Antennas is a featured exhibitor at this year’s Tessco One Innovation Showcase and Conference, held on April 10-11 in Charleston, South Carolina. PulseLarsen will showcase V-Thinity at Booth #917.   Hosted by Tessco Technologies (NASDAQ: TESS), the Tessco One Innovation Showcase & Conference is a marquee…

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Reinforced Power Transformers, Up to 24W, 3000Vrms

Pulse Electronics continues to innovate and bring to the market exciting new power magnetic platforms. The new EP13R uses the industry standard EP13 footprint but with an increased bobbin flange to enable reinforced safety insulation, 8.0mm of creepage distance and 3000Vrms isolation.  Maintaining the standard footprint enables customers to minimize their PCB footprint, improve the…

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power transformer

Reinforced Transformer modules designed for Energy Storage Solution (ESS) – HXE201xHL Series

Our new HXE20xxHL SMD series of reinforced, high-voltage insulation transformer modules are designed to provide safety isolation and protection on communication links used to control and monitor renewable energy storage systems where hazardous high working voltages are present. The new modules feature a 1:1 tapped transformer and integral choke providing excellent signal conditioning and optimum EMI…

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trans inductor voltage regulator

Revolutionizing High Current Power Management: The Trans Inductor Voltage Regulator TLVR Solution

Traditionally, voltage regulation in data centers, storage systems, graphics cards, and personal computing devices relied on multi-phase buck regulators. However, the increasing demands of these applications have exposed the limitations of the traditional approach. That’s where TLVR, Trans Inductor Voltage Regulator comes into play.   TLVR introduces a novel concept by replacing traditional inductors with trans-inductors…

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Ruggedized Industrial 10G Ethernet ICM for 5G/LTE Mobile

Pulse Electronics launches an expanded selection of PulsejackTM, integrated connector modules (ICMs) that are ideal for use in the latest LTE and 5G Mobile Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and  other Industrial and outdoor uses. These new additions expand, and complement, our  current commercial grade 10Gigabit products allowing  wider operating temperature requirements of -40 to +85°C and…

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