Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit has released a new high density line of shielded power inductors. The PA4318.XXXNL – PA4322.XXXNL series offer fully shielded construction for EMI and sizes ranging from 5.1 x 5.1 x 3.1 to 12 x 12 x 10mm.

These new platforms expand on existing Pulse products and offer increased energy storage density while maintaining industry standard footprints, allowing customers to easily complete their designs using Pulse Electronics components.

“These five new inductor platforms expands Pulse’s offering of high density shielded power inductors giving our customers more footprint options for their space critical designs”
John Gallagher | Staff Field Applications Engineer

PA4318 – PA4322.XXXNL Key Features

The PA4318 – PA4322.XXXNL series is part of our drum core power inductor family.

  • Construction: Shielded Drum Core
  • Height: PA4322 (3.1mm Max), PA4318 (3.2mm Max), PA4319 (4.1mm Max)
  • Footprint: PA4322 (5.1×5.1mm Max), PA4318 (6.1×6.1mm Max), PA4319 (7.3×7.3mm Max)
  • Current Rating: up to 3.98A
  • Inductance (uH) Range: 2.2uH to 680uH
  • Mounting: SMT
  • DCR: PA4322 (20-1800 mOHMS Max), PA4318 (43-660 mOHMS Max), PA4319 (18-1980 mOHMS Max)
  • RoHS Compliant

PA4318 – PA4322.XXXNL Applications

Available in industry standard footprints, the PA4318 – PA4322.XXXNL power inductor platforms allow for higher energy density within space limited designs.

The PA4318 – PA4322.XXXNL series is ideally suited for the following applications:

  • Higher-Frequency and Noise-Sensitive Applications
  • Mobile Computings
  • Home Automation
  • Portable POS
  • Small Handheld Devices

PA4318 – PA4322.XXXNL Mechanicals & Schematics

With an inductance Range of 2.2uH to 680uH, these shielded drum core power inductors but have taller platforms and the same footprint allowing for increased energy storage.

This series is available in T&R packaging; please refer to the T&R information in the charts below the mechanicals and schematics.



More Info on Our PA4318 – PA4322.XXXNL Power Inductor Series

To view, compare and download data sheets for all PA4318 – PA4322.XXXNL series components, visit our dedicated pages for the PA4318.103NL, PA4319.103NL and the PA4322.224NL. To inquire about lead times, competitive pricing, samples and more, simply contact us or use our quote form accessed using the button below.

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