Pulse expands its IATF product portfolio with the release of the automotive grade version of four of its popular push-pull transformer series. These transformers are matched to several available push-pull driver IC’s including TI’s SN650x series, to deliver up to 3W of power with insulation levels from functional to reinforced and  up to 5.5KVrms galvanic isolation. They include the Pulse patented Sidecar package style which achieve up to 12mm creepage distance in a compact SMD footprint.



“Our existing product line for AEC-Q200 qualified industrial grade Push-Pull transformer have found a home in the automotive market for delivering isolation power between different voltage planes in communications, BMS and IGBT drive applications. The release of the automotive grade version of these families respond to the market expectation for PPAP documentation and IATF production. These packaging styles respond to reoccurring automotive board size and height constraints as well as their insulation and isolation requirements.”

Gerard Healy | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics

This product expansion is positioned alongside our existing portfolio of IATF power transformers, inductors, current sense transformers and common mode chokes. Building on our strong reputation in the industrial market Pulse is now firmly established as a reliable supplier for multiple applications in the automotive market. Pulse automotive grade products have completed AEC-Q200 qualification.


Product Image Industrial Series Automotive Series Length Width Height Insulation Isolation (Vrms) Creepage
PH9085 PH9085 PM2180 9.5 8.1 5.1 Functional 2500
Push-pull transformer PH9384 PM2185 12.5 9.2 7.6 Functional 4000
sidecar automotive PH9385 PM2155 17 16 7.5 Basic 4000 12
PH9185 push pull transformer PH9185 PM2190 13 10 12.5 Reinforced 5000 8











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