The Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit designed the new Product Finder tool with our engineer, CTO and professional clients in mind. With the multitude of products and parts available in the market, our goal was to create a table-based format with fast search capability tied with ease of access to product details and support options.

The Pulse Power Product Tables makes searching for parts a streamlined, clean and multifunctional experience. It removes the tedious task of having to jump from page to page to find everything you need.

With our industry-leading Product Tables design, our customers can enjoy the fastest, most convenient product search available in the market. Adding to the convenience, no matter what device you’re using to search— thanks to the Product Finder Tool’s responsive design— you will have an easy-to-view, consistent experience.

To understand all of the convenient features available in the tool, this article serves as the first deep dive in to the functionality and capabilities available as you start your search for the parts you need.

Custom Search Bar, Data Sorting, and Results Display Count

In order to make any search fast, being able to sort the data instantly is a must. And our Product Finder Tables deliver.  You can search by product family using parametric data to find the products available that fit your needs. We’ve designed the search parameters around our five product families as follows:

  • Inductors: Mounting, Inductance, Irated, DCR, Package Height
  • Common Mode Chokes: Mounting, Inductance, Irated, Isolation Voltage, Package Height
  • Switch Mode Transformers: Input Voltage Range, Topology, Mounting, Output Power, Package Height
  • Isolation Transformers: Turns Ratio, Mounting, Volt-uSecond, Isolation Voltage, Package Height
  • Current Sense Magnetics: Turns Ratio, Mounting, Irated, Isolation Voltage, Package Height 

This will narrow the field of parts significantly, making it easier for you to locate your particular part quickly and efficiently.

pulse-power-custom-searchAdditionally, there is a custom search bar, which allows you to search quickly by part to save time if you know for which series you’re looking.  With the search complete, the table will show a results display count allowing for a quick assessment of what’s available, and to make it easier to know if you should narrow your parameters even further.

If you find that some of the columns used to customize your product search are irrelevant to your search, you can eliminate them with ease. At the top right corner of each column, there’s a small blue X; simply click it, and that column will disappear. Additionally, you can switch the column from highest number to lowest number, or vice versa, by clicking the up or down arrow on the top of the column.

Download Datasheets Directly from the Table

If you require more information about a particular product, you can download a detailed data sheet. Just click on the green plus sign to the left of the photo of the product, click the document icon next to DataSheets, and you’ll have instant access to helpful information, including part specifications, max ratings, part and mechanical schematics, and a very detailed photograph. It’s quick and easy, and you don’t have to jump through extra hoops to get the data you need.

Utilize My Products to Easily Group Products

Our new My Products feature functions like a shopping cart, where users can place any parts they find to allow for faster searching, but in addition to serving as a convenient storage spot, you can also utilize the capabilities that sets the Product Finder Tool apart within My Products. For example, you can get Datasheets, compare products, request quotes, samples, or support, and view chosen products within different product family tables, all in one place.

Choose Parts to Do a Direct Comparison

pulse-power-compare-productsThe Product Finder Tool offers a comparison option, allowing you to put all of the information about the products side by side, which enables you to examine the specs and parameters to verify which part fits your particular need.

Simply check the boxes to the right of the product photos, and then click on the teal box labeled Compare directly above the columns. From there, you can examine the differences with ease, and make an educated decision. Within the compare view, you can also request quotes, samples, and data sheets, as well as a stock check for the comparison parts.

Request Quotes, Samples, and Even Support

You can request a quote on any product featured, by clicking on the check box and then clicking the red Request a Quote button; this will open the quote request form, fill out your information so that they can contact you with the quote once it’s been prepared.  If you’re interested in a sample, the process is very similar; check the box, click the red Request Samples button, and fill out the requested information.

Both the Request Samples form and the Request a Quote form will auto fill up to four products that you check on the Product Table.

Our Product Finder tool also has a Request Support feature, offering you product support from our team of experienced engineers. To get world-class, specialized support, all you have to do is click the red Request Support button, opening an easy-to-submit form, notifying the Pulse Power BU team about your issue. For your convenience in situations where your support need may be time sensitive, a phone number is provided to reach the support team.

Product Detail Page

pulse-power-product-detailEvery product available in our vast catalog has a product detail page; click on the linked product part number, and you’ll go directly to a page with a singular view of the product details that are presented in the table, as well as a much larger image of the product.

Same Experience, No Matter the Device

In today’s digital world, it was vital that our new design provided the same experience for our users no matter the device they were using to search.  Our Product Tables are fully responsive, so whether you are on a smartphone, a tablet or your laptop, there is the same cohesive experience and speed of search–meaning you have the fastest product search available at all times.


At Pulse Power BU, we never stop improving. In the coming months, we’ll be adding even more new features, including interactive schematics and calculators, comprehensive guides and more industry-leading content on Pulse Power News. We invite you to give us feedback on the new Product Finder tool, and to read the additional articles that provide a more in depth look into all of it’s features.