Compact, Safety Compliant, Current Sense Transformers

  Pulse expands its range of surface mount current sense transformers with the introduction of its first safety standard compliant products with high isolation and enhanced insulation. Using the Pulse patented sidecar construction developed for our high isolation transformer series, the PH9500 series utilizes this unique packaging style to offer basic insulation with 8.2mm creepage…

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Pin-in-Paste Top-Entry PulseJack™

Pulse Wired Communications JX3V- PulseJack® top entry ICM platform brings together the know-how of SMD, with the features of THD to support the newest production trends for THR/Pin-in-Paste. The JX3V represents the latest revision of the popular Top Entry product range and has been designed to suit the growing demand for reflow compatible THT products…

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IATF Current sense transformer

Pulse Continues its launch of IATF Current Sense Transformers

  Pulse is delighted to announce the expansion of its IATF current sense transformer portfolio with addition of the automotive grade version to the existing PAS6322 series. The PMS6322 series supports current measurement of up to 50Arms. The platform measures 12.8×20.5×7.5mm, has turn ratios from 1:30 to 1:200 and is capable of effectively measuring frequencies…

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Pulse Electronics Introduces Transformers for use with Broadcom’s Chipsets

Have an operating bandwidth of 2 to 100 MHz and target speeds up to 1 Gbps June 23, 2015 — Pulse Electronics Corporation, a leading provider of electronic components, introduces its new family of functional isolation transformers. Pulse’s BX4500LNL and BX4500LNLT transformers can be matched with a Microsemi line driver and used with Broadcom’s BCM652xx…

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