The new PG1427 series gate drive transformers for high efficiency DC/DC converters have a high HIPOT of 2700VDC and functional insulation between the gate and the drive windings.

The PG1427 series consists of the PG1427.001NL, PG1427.002NL, PG1427.003NL, and the PG1427.004NL products within our family of gate drive transformers.

Jack Cheng, China Marketing Manager with Pulse Electronics Power BU stated:

“This high density gate drive transformer from Pulse employs a new design methodology to provide a HIPOT of 2700VDC in the existing small footprint, low profile platform. In addition, the higher power density delivers higher saturation current for equivalent sizes of the converter.”

PG1427 Key Features

These surface mount devices offer excellent coplanarity for easy solderability. The transformers have a small footprint and low profile of 8.25×6.9x3mm, high functional isolation, and an operating temperature of -40°C to +125°C.  The operating frequency of 50 KHz up to 500 KHz enables optimal functionality in wireless base stations and power switching telecom applications.

  • 2700VDC insolation between Gate and Drive
  • Operating frequency: 50KHz and up
  • Footprint size: 8.25*6.9*3.0 mm Max
  • Three windings (one drive and two gates)

They use an industry standard lead frame in the internal design which improves the coplanarity. Gate drive transformers provide the same insulation to the feedback loop as the power transformer provides to the power train. The gate drive also provides insulation from the IC to the drive transistor to meet functional isolation standards. The parts are RoHS compliant and available packaged in tape and reel.

PG1427 Mechanicals & Schematics


Prices start at approximately $0.60 in quantities of 10,000 with a delivery time of about 8 weeks.
Samples are in stock and available now.

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