Our new EP13 Plus platform delivers over 25% more power handling capability than the industry standard EP13 platform in the same PCB footprint.

This catalog series of 12 isolation, switch mode transformers is designed for multiple input voltage ranges (9-57v and 33-57v) and can provide six different output voltage combinations from 3.3v to 24v.

John Gallagher, Field Applications Engineer for Pulse Electronics Power BU said:

“The innovative design approach for the new Pulse EP13 Plus platform offers designers the flexibility to create a more efficient design (less power loss) at the same power as the industry platform, or the ability to increase system power density or lower thermal loads in existing designs. In a market where power density and system efficiency are crucial, this is a significant improvement.”

EP13 Plus: Innovative New Features

The EP13 Plus platform incorporates two innovative features that advance the wire-wound transformer technology.

  1. The first innovation is the use of a modified core with an increased cross-sectional area to reduce the number of turns necessary for a given output voltage, or to increase the output power by better utilization of the available winding window.
  2. The second innovation is a new bobbin lead shape which allows for an increased number of lead wire terminations. This helps avoid damaging the leads or causing solder bridges to adjacent leads during IR reflow.

Optimization of the magnetic core combined with the modified lead design of the winding termination give the EP13 Plus 25% more power throughput and lower winding resistance.

EP13 Plus: Platform & Transformer Applications

Pulse Electronics’ EP13 Plus series transformers are designed for either active clamp forward (PA3856.XXXNL) or continuous mode flyback (PA3855.XXXNL) topologies and offer 24 different output voltage and power combinations. The transformers come in an industry standard package of 14.0(h)x17.7(l) mm

The EP13 Plus series is used in a wide variety of electronic applications including:

  • wireless base stations
  • IP phones
  • Security cameras
  • Automation and test equipment
  • Networking gear

The transformers are used in DC/ DC power supplies for various applications, such as:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE, PoE+)
  • Datacom
  • Telecom
  • Industrial applications

Pulse Electronics’ PA3856.XXXNL and PA3855.XXXNL DC/DC isolation transformers meet PoE isolation requirements of functional insulation and 1500Vrms Hipot. They are sold in tray or tape and reel.

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