Power PBU Power Magnetics Overview

Pulse Electronics Power PBU has been designing and manufacturing power magnetic components for more than 50yrs. We have a rich history of product and manufacturing innovation, a diverse patent portfolio and world class automated assembly and test which allows us to ramp quickly and produce cost-effective, high-quality, robust and reliable components.

We offer a catalog line of catalog power magnetics, from mW to kW, for switch mode power applications in through-hole, surface mount and pin-in-paste terminations. In addition to our extensive catalog line we also design and manufacture custom and application specific magnetic solutions for our key OEM, EMS, Power IC and Distribution partners. Pulse provides proven design and manufacturing expertise, in-house AEC-Q200 stress test qualification capabilities, ISO and IATF certified manufacturing and localized technical support.

Power Inductors

Power Transformers

Isolation Transformers

Current Sense Magnetics

Common Mode Chokes

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Custom Power Magnetics