Innovative Power Transformer Construction

Today, electric vehicles and the future promise of autonomous vehicles, are redefining our transportation system. The push for efficient, secure, dependable and economical vehicles dictates advancements in many key technologies. These advancements have in turn created new technological challenges for the power components that are essential for vehicle operation and safety.

Pulse continues to innovate our power magnetic packaging and design and is leading the way in developing cutting edge magnetic solutions for charging the multi-kW batteries in electric vehicles. Through the use of finite element modeling, Pulse has developed a unique magnetic construction to integrate the resonant inductor into the main power transformer and maintain accurate and tightly controlled leakage inductance.

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“The benefits of the LLC topology for multi-KW On Board Charger (OBC) applications are well understood with the resonant inductor facilitating zero volt switching operation. Pulse’s unique construction solves the problem of how to integrate but still maintain a tightly controlled resonant inductance value”.

Gerard Healy – Field Applications Engineer

For more information about our 3.6KW LLC Transformers please read our White Paper, A Novel Design for a 3.6KW LLC Transformer with Tight Tolerance, Primary Side Concentrated Leakage Inductance. In this paper we discuss the use of finite element analysis modeling (FEM) and demonstrate, through component and system test, how concentrating the leakage inductance on the primary side optimizes performance.