Power Bead Inductor

Pulse continues to expand our portfolio of inductors used to power processors, memory, FPGAs, and ASICs in applications such as servers, datacenters, and storage systems.  Our latest product developments are specifically designed for use with the trans-inductor voltage regulator (TLVR) topology but leverage our existing high volume automated manufacturing to ensure quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

To mitigate bandwidth limitations of existing VRM solutions and further drive performance improvements, a “Trans-Inductor” based voltage regulator was developed in the common domain. The trans-inductor is very similar to a traditional one turn VR inductor but has the addition of a second tightly coupled winding. The main low DCR ‘primary’ is used in the same fashion as in a traditional VR inductor, having a PWM input with several phases feeding the output. Each single turn ‘secondary’ is tied in a series loop referenced to the local ground.   When a load step occurs on a given phase, the resultant increase or decrease in duty cycle is reflected to its secondary winding and because the secondaries of each phase are in a series loop they all ‘see’ this change immediately. Through the magnetic coupling this ‘sensed’ change is reflected to each inductors primary winding. In effect, this allows all phases to respond simultaneously to a load transient greatly reducing the time needed for the converter to adjust.


inductor - power PAL6374

“The PAL6374.XXXHL series provides TLVR performance in a form factor that many design engineers are comfortable with. Additionally, our footprint compatible PAL6374.XXXAHL series is a traditional VRM inductor available on the market. These two series allow for platform flexibility to switch between TLVR and traditional VR power stages with minimal risk.”

Andrew Mun | Product Marketing, Pulse Electronics


Pulse is excited to release the PAL6374.XXXHLT trans-inductor and footprint compatible PAL6374.XXXAHLT traditional VRM inductor. As well as 3 families of trans-inductors and footprint compatible traditional inductors in development.

The PAL6374.XXXHLT and PAL6374.XXXAHLT datasheets comes in a 10x5x12 mm package, with inductances of 70nH to 180nH and saturation currents of 47A to 134A.

Pulse leverages decades of magnetics design experience as well as advanced simulation, testing, and relationships with core vendors to provide leading solutions for high power density and efficiency.  Our automated manufacturing strategy allows for cost effective magnetics with high reliability. For more information, samples, quotes, additional inductance values, or new design requests please reach out to your local Pulse sales representative or distributor.

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