The PA/PM540x and PA/PM544x series is our newest line of Molded Power inductors. Designed for high efficiency applications in industrial, communications, computing, and automotive markets. These platforms have low power loss, excellent shielding and can handle high transient current spikes. Ranging in size from 3.7×3.4mm to 14×12.8mm they add to Pulse’s existing molded inductor platforms. These new series of parts are available in both commercial grade (PA540x) and automotive grade (PM540x). Production lead time is approximately 12-14 weeks, and samples are available upon request. 


“Pulse continues to expand our molded powder inductor offering, now with 27 different platform sizes and over 500 individual part numbers we can provide solutions for almost any application.” 

John Gallagher | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Shielded construction
  • Reduced Flux Leakage for better EMI
  • Handles high transient current spikes without saturation
  • Corrosion Resistant Surface
  • Sealed Construction for low audible noise


  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Communications
  • Computing

More Info

To view, compare and download data sheets for the PA/PM540X.XXXNL Series and PA/PM544X.XXNL Molded Inductor Series utilize our Product Finder and simply enter the prefix of the part number. To inquire about lead times, competitive pricing, samples and more, just contact us or use our quote form accessed using the button below.