Overview of Broadband Filter Components

We provide high-quality DSL filters, splitters and accessories for broadband Internet access over conventional telephone lines. Customers include DSL end-users, telephone companies, equipment providers, and Internet service providers worldwide. Various splitter and filter types are available, such as inline, wall-mount, dual-line, tri-jack, dynamic and even alarm panel filters – all of which meet the demanding ETSI, ITU and ANSI specifications. Our Broadband filter CPE product line has expanded to offer video-grade splitters for error-free performance on TelcoTV networks.

  • Error-free & jitter-free performance that maintains high-quality signals.
  • VDSL2 versions support TelcoTV & IPTV applications.
  • On-site system testing for xDSL environments, from DSLAM´s to customer premises.

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Broadband Filter & CPE Products by Region:

North America

  • ANATEL Compliant – Single Port, Dual Port
  • Specialty Products – Single Port, Dual Port, Master Splitter, Economical Single Port



  • DSL Filters – Single Port, Dual Port, Triple Jack Splitter
  • Nano Filter Series – Single Port, Dual Port, Triple Jack Splitter



  • United Kindom – BT Approved Z-350UK, Single Port RJ11, Dual Port, Triple Jack Adaptable
  • Specialty Products – Standard Alarm Panel Filter, Alarm Panel Filter System Diagram
  • MicroFilters – ETSI TS 101 952-1-5 Compliant, 600 Ohm Single Jack MicroFilter, Triple Jack Adaptable
  • Master/Central Splitters -Sweden – CP-421SE, Netherlands – CP-404TJ45, 600 Ohm ANSI Master Splitter