Pulse continues its focus on automotive grade isolation transformers with the launch of the PMT9085 push pull transformer series. With its innovative core and bobbin assembly, this product delivers reinforced insulation with 6.4mm creepage distance in a compact 10.4×9.0x6.4mm max package size. This makes it suitable for applications requiring safety compliance for with a working voltage up to 300Vrms/reinforced (600Vrms/basic insulation). 3000Vrms Hi-pot isolation is achieved with the enhanced separation of the high voltage side pins from the core and low voltage side pins.

Designed to work with a wide range of Push-Pull drivers as parts of a cost effective open loop circuit for delivering up to 2W of isolated power in many automotive applications, the PMT9085 series comes with a range of turns ratios, from 1:1 to 1:5, to deliver the required output voltage from a regulated voltage source. A negative voltage for robust SiC/GaN switch off can be generated from the single winding output using the bootstrap technique.


“Many automotive applications are using push-pull drivers such as the TI SN650x series as part of their isolated power delivery solution. While Pulse has already developed a number of automotive grade solutions to provide a range of voltage isolation and safety insulation for such application, the smaller of these, such as the ever popular PM2180 series, is limited to functional insulation, due to the proximity of the core to the pins.

PMT9085 redesigns this toroidal core solution into a pin compatible bobbin based product with a construction that addresses this limitation, with an extended creepage distance between the core and the high voltage side pins.  The winding of this unique solution can be fully automated, ideal for the requirements of high reliability in automotive applications.”

Gerard Healy Product Marketing, Specialized Power PBU, Pulse Electronics


PMT9085 is compliant with the requirements of IEC 60664, for basic insulation and a repetitive peak voltage up to 625Vpk (up to 424Vpk for reinforced insulation), based on the partial discharge method. Further information is available in our white paper “Partial Discharge Explained” to better understand how this test method is used to define the voltage rating of an insulation barrier.


It is one among the number of IATF high isolation transformer series developed by Pulse Electronics, which are available in our SMT Isolation Transformer overview.


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