common mode choke


Pulse is excited to announce the launch of the new PAC6034 series of common mode chokes which double the current density of existing industry solutions of similar size. The PAC6034 complements our higher power  PA5140/41 series and the expands on the PAC6006 family of high current CM chokes. The new product uses the low cost EP13 core shape to introduce a smaller platform size (17.5×13.5×12.45mm)   with inductance values from 1mH to 3mH and a current rating of up to 2.2A. Care is taken during winding to minimize winding self-capacitance to enable a wider impedance peak, creating a more useful filter choke.  With self-resonant frequencies (SRF) in the 1 to 3MHz range, useable frequencies beyond 10MHz, and impedances exceeding 25kΩ these products are ideal for the filtering requirements of many modern applications that require moderate input currents.

“We are excited to continue releasing new parts with an emphasis on expanding on what is available in the market and simplifying the job for design engineers. The PAC6034 family offers a high impedance profile while minimizing component size and maximizing the rated current enabling a more effective common mode filter in a smaller footprint.”

David Wiest | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics

Further information is available in our white paper “How Does it Work – Common Mode Chokes” to understand the operation of the common mode choke and how it can be used as part of a EMI filtering circuit.

Samples are available through the web portal here or via the Pulse distribution network.


To see Pulse’s complete line of common mode chokes search by using our Product Finder.  Samples are available through the web portal or via the Pulse distribution network.