3W Miniature FlybackPulse announces the launch of its small form factor PH9585 series flyback transformers for up to 3W of power in an ultra-compact 6x6x3mm footprint. Using an industry first implementation of the cost-effective drum core winding construction, the series comes in a range of turns ratios to enable  6V – 24V output voltage from a 36V-72V source voltage , while also offering a primary side bias winding voltage for regulation and IC power. The transformer is designed for functional insulation and despite the compact size is still able to provide 2250Vdc of galvanic isolation  between primary and second side windings and 500Vdc isolation between primary side windings.  


Miniature power delivery solutions on the market are typically limited to 1:1 ratio coupled inductors, suited to the SEPIC converter topology and don’t include an auxiliary winding. The PH9585 solution was developed for those applications that require a larger regulated voltage transformation and higher isolation which cannot be obtained with existing options. These features make it an ideal solution for applications that need to deliver isolated power across an insulation barrier. One such application is the DC/DC converter module where the PWM controller is on the secondary side. As the main transformer is not delivering power during start up, PH9585 is a compact and cost effective solution to provide that initial power.

Gerard Healy | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics


PH9585 builds on Pulse’s advanced capabilities for providing high isolation in compact packaging styles. In addition to the above power module example which is widely used across multiple datacom applications, the solution is also suited to many industrial applications including power delivery to I/O devices.

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