Pulse is excited to expand its range of EFD15 platforms with the introduction of the new PGT646xNL series; a valued addition to its existing offering of EFD15 power transformers, known for their versatility in DC/DC converter applications. The platform uses an innovative bobbin design to extend the pin to core creepage distance to a minimum of 5.1mm with minimal impact to sizing and employs a first of its class 5+5 pin SMD platform design (22.0×16.5x11mm).


Two transformers differentiated by their input voltage range and withstand voltage specification are introduced – PGT6466NL fulfils the 3000Vdc application isolation requirement for low voltage input. The high input voltage PGT6465NL utilises the full isolation capability of the extended creepage platform with a 4000Vrms isolation specification.


“We have been delighted with the market interest in our standard EFD15 platforms and the range of applications into which they have been designed. Unlike the existing transformers in the market where the proximity of the pins to the core have limited their application to functionally insulated DC/DC conversion, our PGT646x series responds to the ever-present expectation of high isolation needs in applications where board space is at a premium.”

Damon Huang | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics


The bobbin design and wire selection allow for winding automation, making this product well suited for high-performance and high reliability applications such as data communications, industrial, and automotive markets that also require a price competitive solution.


The new EFD15 platform is one among the number of high isolation platforms developed by Pulse Electronics. Further information of which are available in our High Isolation Transformer Platform Guide.


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