Power Transformer PM9595

Pulse is delighted to announce the launch of its first IATF flyback transformer specifically designed for SiC device switching. The PM9595NL is a 3W flyback transformer which provides a +20V for device switch on as well as a -5.5V for robust switch off. The extended creepage distance EP7 platform provides 4.3kV DC withstand voltage in a compact (13x10x14mm) SMD platform. Fully Insulated Wire (FIW) is utilized for full winding automation to fulfil the requirements of high reliability in automotive applications.  

Designed for inverter motor drive circuits driven by high voltage batteries, this platform satisfies the 8mm min creepage typical of this application. It complies with IEC 61558-1/2-16 for basic insulation for a working voltage up to 800V. The wire insulation also complies with reinforced insulation for a working voltage up to 390V.

“This EP7 platform is already popular in automotive applications, with the PM2190 push-pull series in particular providing isolated power solutions in areas such a battery management and communications interfaces between different ground planes. A natural evolution of this is to provide the flyback drive power on this platform for the inverter circuit. This AEC-Q200 qualified platform continues to be a thrusted solution for the most demanding of applications”

Gerard Healy | Product Marketing, Specialized Power PBU, Pulse Electronics

The new extended creepage EP7 platform is one among the number of high isolation platform developed by Pulse Electronics which are available in our High Isolation Transformer Platform Guide. PM9595NL is compatible with many IC flyback controllers such as the ADI 8301/2, which is also popular in SiC drive applications. As different SiC devices have different voltage and power requirements, contact your Pulse Electronics representative for requirements in this platform as well as solutions on other platforms.

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