SMT LAN discrete modules

World leading LAN discrete supplier Pulse Electronics, a YAGEO group company, announces the launch of their latest HBxxxxHLT and HXBxxxxHLT range of discrete LAN components produced on highly automated, cost-effective Pulse manufacturing lines.  The high level of automation enables scalability, repeatability and maintains the always exceptional Pulse component quality.

Pulse’s decades of ethernet magnetic design experience and established market leading performance combined with the new automated production lines ensures high-capacity manufacturing and reliability in the end applications.

“The new series takes advantage of the cost-effective process savings, enabling shorter manufacturing time, and improved reliability by utilizing the latest in automation technology. The new surface mount (SMT) HBxxxxHLT and HXBxxxxHLT LAN discrete series are also the “greenest” product range offered by Pulse. They utilize halogen-free materials that align with the latest RoHS and REACH directives and address the growing global demand for greener, more environmentally friendly equipment supporting ethernet connectivity desired by market leading customers for their next generation Digital and DataCom systems.”

Robert Frost – Product Marketing Director, Wired Communications

The new products fall into two groups: – HBxxxHLT series, which cover’s the commercial temperature range from 0 to 70’C and HXBxxxxHLT series for use in industrial and outdoor applications where extended range from -40 to +85’C are needed.

Each SMT module contains the necessary isolation transformer and common mode choke combinations to meet IEEE802.3 Standards for data rates ranging from: 10/100Base-TX, 1000Base-T, 2.5/5GBase-T and 10GBase-T.  In addition, the HB/HXB series enable Power over Ethernet (PoE) circuits, supporting up to 90W DC power feeding over 4pair ethernet cabling. The relevant products, part number details and information can be obtained from the associated datasheet found on the Pulse website.  

The components are all open construction designs using UL94V-0 black plastic header with gull-wing lead frames for superior coplanarity*. Each part complies with JEDEC-J-STD-020x for MSL1 handling and 245oC peak reflow compatibility.

The booklet shows an overview of the two series by data rate, operating temperature range and product series, port options, PoE and the relevant data sheet.

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