Did you know that in the United States, nine percent of the nation’s workforce has a manufacturing job?


Or that eight percent of the nation’s GDP comes from manufactured goods?


Or that the 12.3 million people who work in manufacturing make 12 percent more than the average job–an average of $81,000 (including benefits)?


Manufacturing Month, which takes place in October, is meant to celebrate these facts, along with one of the most important sectors in the United States economy. It’s also meant to spread awareness of the manufacturing industry, especially the fact that while there are millions of unemployed Americans, the manufacturing industry is short of skilled workers and looking for those who want well-paying and stable jobs in an exciting, growing and extremely diverse field.


PulseLarsen Antennas and Pulse Electronics Military & Aerospace Celebrate the Manufacturing Industry
This year for Manufacturing Month, PulseLarsen Antennas is proud to announce our participation in the Mediaplanet’s Modern Manufacturing campaign found within USA Today, which is designed to celebrate the manufacturing industry and highlight all of the exciting news, trends, and events happening across the American manufacturing sector.


View the full Modern Manufacturing Campaign and our ad on page 7.

The campaign was published in USA Today in select cities from September 29 to October 1 while also being featured in Modern Manufacturing Magazine, various e-newsletters, and news outlets including CNN, NBC, Reuters, TheStreet, The Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post.