About Our G.fast Transformers

Our line of G.fast transformers are the preferred choice of engineers seeking the most reliable, functional isolation transformers for G.fast transmission. These compact transformers deliver excellent longitudinal balance and total harmonic distortion performance.

G.fast Transformer Features:

  • Compatible with Broadcoms DSP: BCM652xx and AFE: BCM659xx chipset family, Sckipio’s DFE and AFE chipsets and Microsemi’s Line Driver Le8728 integrating G.fast Technology
  • EN60950-1 Functional Isolation Compliant – 250Vrms
  • RoHS-6 Compliant SMD Product
  • Highly Compact Platform
  • Low Leakage Inductance of <0.4 µH
  • Available in Tape & Reel
  • Lead Time of 8 Weeks

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