CM Chokes Overview

Pulse Electronics Networking BU is a trusted supplier of common mode choke components to many of the world’s most innovative manufacturers. Through carefully automated manufacturing at scale, we ensure that our customers can depend on our high-reliability CM chokes for a variety of common mode noise filtering applications, including automotive, telecom, Ethernet and PoE.

View our categories of CM chokes below to access more specific product data and resources.

CM Choke Products

Ethernet Chokes

View our line of ethernet common mode choke products
and data sheets for automotive
and PoE applications.

Telecom Chokes

View common mode choke products and data sheets designed specifically for telecom and data communication applications.

PoE/PoE+ Chokes

View our line of power over ethernet (PoE & PoE+)
choke products, datasheets
and related applications.

Automotive Chokes

View our CM choke products
designed specifically
for automotive applications.