Pulse releases a new 5G-FR1, WiFi-6E Multiband antenna, the SKF5G, enhancing an already impressive 5G-FR1 & WiFi-6E product offering. The SKF5G, a new low profile multiband antenna, designed with attractive OEM profile, rugged construction, and exceptional performance across all key bands.

Covering a wide frequency range, 617-960/1710-7125 MHz, with an active L1/L2 GNSS, this antenna can be utilized in any 5G-FR1 and WiFi-6E application. The SKF5G offers superior performance across the entire operating frequency range, with a minimum 2dBi gain and 50% efficiency rating. With an OEM fin style package, IP67 rating, robust design, and extremely small footprint that is only 52.5mm wide, the SKF5G is an ideal candidate for vehicular & transportation applications.

Designed with up to 6 cable leads, the SKF5G can be customized with number of leads, cable lengths, and connector types for design flexibility and easy integration into your project. Specially designed to meet the demanding requirements for numerous applications including fleet management, FirstNet/Public Safety, DSRC/CV2X and more, the SKF5G will optimize and compliment any WiFi-6E, 5G-FR1 and CBRS network.


“Pulse continues to focus on improving and increasing our multiband antenna offering with this latest, 5G-FR1 and WiFi-6E antenna release. Pulse understands and realizes the need for high-performance, high-quality products that continue to transform the wireless industry, and the SKF5G antenna is just another example of that. Compared to other ‘fin’ style antennas on the market the SKF5G provides one of the smallest overall profiles, without sacrificing antenna performance in key frequency bands. With such a narrow footprint, the SKF5G allows for easy installation and integration on all vehicle types, without the need for additional gaskets or mounting hardware”

Ryan Wenzelman | Wireless Infrastructure Product Manager, Pulse Electronics

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide Frequency range 617-960/1450-7125 MHz
    • 2×2 MiMo Cellular, 5G-FR1 (4G-LTE Fallback)
    • 2×2 MiMo WiFi-6E, DSRC/V2X
    • L1 & L2 Active GNSS
  • Designed for optimal performance in key frequency bands
    • Average peak gain: 617-960 MHz 2.3dBi, 1710-4200 MHz 4.5dBi, 4400-7125 MHz 5.0dBi
  • Mechanically Robust design
    • IP67 Ingress Rating
    • 5mm width x 62mm height
  • Customizable cable lengths, connector types & number of cable leads

To see Pulse’s complete line of 5G-FR1 and WiFi-6E antennas, including our entire Multiband Antenna product offering, utilize our Product Finder.  Samples are available through the web portal or via the Pulse distribution network.