multi-port magnetic modules

Pulse’s unique BGA technology offers surface mounting, multi-port magnetic transformer/choke modules with designs that support up to 70W in a high density footprint. 

The  BGA (ball grid array) modules can be used as building blocks for switches and routers with ganged 1xN or stacked 2xN RJ45 or other Ethernet network connectors that can support the 1Gigabit data rate. 

The new additions operate over the industrial temperature -40 to +85’C and are available as single (HX6621NL) dual (HX6221NL) and quad (HX6400NL) port designs. They also complement the existing BGA series by offering double the DC current handling from 350mA to  720mA over all 4 channel pairings according to the PoE+ standard

The new  components sit directly on the footprint of the current products and this can help upgrade existing PoE switches and routers to PoE+ without the need for any major changes to existing PCB layouts other than the output of the DC power supply. Using the new series can future-proof new designs by offer 10/100/1000base-T connectivity with up to 70W of deliverable DC power over 4 pair and are backward compatible with the original range. 

The new data sheet H560x  provides soldering and packing details details for all the BGA SMT family and the resource paper HJxxx – handling and reworking guide (add as link) gives suggestions for PCB layout and possible CAT5e and CAT6 connectors suitable PoE+

Features and Benefits

  • Compact SMT 1Gigabit PoE modules offering less than 140mm2 /port density
  • Reliable surface mount ball grid array
  • Standard and Industrial Temperature range
  • Modular construction exceeds IEEE802.3u/ab
  • Options support 4pair PoE+ (70W) of DC power
  • Designed to fit behind 2xN connectors
  • RoHS-6, peak reflow temperature rating 245°C
  • Supplied in Trays or Tape and Reel

Read our App Note on Recommended Design, Integration and Rework for BGA Package for more details. To inquire about lead times, competitive pricing, samples and more, just contact us or use our quote form accessed using the button below.