C-band antenna - W391

Pulse continues to expand its portfolio of 5G antenna products with the release of the W3961 series. The W3961 series antenna features a flexible, covert, adhesive PCB that covers the CBRS Bands B43 & B48, 3550-3980 MHz.

The explosion of IoT, and the ability of 5G networks to handle a massive number of devices, having a high performance, highly efficient antenna to maximize the low latency IoT capabilities of the 5G network becomes necessary. With AT&T and Verizon both rolling out the mid-band 5G spectrum (3.7-3.98 GHz), known as C-band, the W3961 antenna is an ideal candidate for private cellular networks, robust IoT applications, interactive kiosks, Public Safety and more. The W3961 is a high-performance, FPC antenna, with narrow bandwidth focused on the CBRS or C-Band, with greater than 70% efficiency and 4.5dBi peak gain.

Made from a flexible PCB material the antenna is bendable or even foldable, for extremely tight spaces. With small footprint, only 25.1 x 9.1 mm, the W3961 can be easily integrated in many covert, no drill solutions across a variety of IoT/M2M applications. Our custom manufacturing ability allows for design flexibility with option of custom cable lengths and connector types available.


  • Ground Plane independent
  • Flexible PCB Design for tight spaces
  • Small footprint, 25.1 x 9.1 mm
  • High Gain, 4.5 dBi peak gain
  • Excellent Efficiency – Greater than 70% in specified Band

With the C-Band offering a great balance of speed, capacity, and coverage, our W3961 antenna mirrors that capability offering great balance between size and performance enhancing your C-Band network.  With a small footprint, high performance, and easy installation the W3961 antenna is designed for the next generation of connectivity.

Ryan Wenzelman, Product Marketing, Wireless PBU, Pulse Electronics

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