5G FR1 Low Profile Antenna

Meet our newly designed LPT series antenna, LPT600/71DMN. Our LPT600/71DMN antenna is a 5G FR1, Low Profile Transit, M2M, IOT Antenna. With exceptional performance, covering 617-960/1710-7125 MHz, with 2dBi and 5.5dBi gain, respectively, creating superior coverage over long distances when compared to similar antennas on the market. Our LPT600/71DMN is economically designed without sacrificing the antenna’s performance or mechanical robustness. The performance across the wide band frequency range makes the LPT600/71DMN compatible across a variety of applications including Cellular, 5G/C-Band, Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi 6E applications.

Our LPT600/71DMN has an attractive and mechanically robust design that is IP67 rated and has an omnidirectional pattern making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The antenna, measuring just 3.7” tall with a 1.61” diameter, has an aesthetically pleasing package, making it versatile across many different markets and applications. Mounting with a direct N jack will allow for an easy vandal resistant installation in both ceiling and surface mount applications.

With our constant need for reliable connectivity, and access to data this antenna will deliver the coverage and performance that is critical to your application!



  • Wideband 5G FR1 Cellular, Wi-Fi, & Wi-Fi 6E Coverage
  • High performance, high efficiency single element design
  • Omnidirectional pattern
  • Mechanically robust, IP67 rated for outdoor and indoor use
  • Low profile, aesthetically pleasing package
  • Standard N Jack Mounting solution for both ceiling mount and surface mount installs


  • FirstNet/public safety
  • Cellular/5G/LTE/CBRS
  • M2M/ Utilities
  • Transportation

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