Product Finder

This is a Pulse on-line tool interfaced with the Pulse Web site. It works as a drill-down for locating Pulse products. The information in this section is entered on a regular basis by the Product Marketing Groups. It´s the most up-to-date information on Pulse products offered on the web. Each Product Market Category links to a product application category list, which then links to a chart with attributes and data sheet links and/or directly links to a specific data sheet.

IC Cross Reference

Competitor Cross Reference

The Product Finder has an IC Cross Reference and a Competitor Cross Reference. The IC Cross Reference searches by either entering the IC part number or entering the Pulse part number or both or the IC manufacturer to get the product needed. The Competitor Cross Reference searches by entering the competitor´s part number and/or selecting the competitor from a drop-down menu with the resulting Pulse part(s) being displayed and the IC Cross Reference–depending on the combination of the query.

Advanced Search

By inserting relevant product parameters (attributes) into this search fields–even configuring a unique set of attributes and saving them for future use–a Pulse product can be located.

Power Inductor Search

This is a customized parametric search with specific attributes for Power Inductors.

Parts Index Search

By entering the legacy Pulse part number and hitting the “GO” button, the user jumps directly to a data sheet link and/or an attributes chart. The Parts Index Search is a “smart´ application that can also search partial part numbers (using wild cards) and will bring up a range of components when the user doesn´t know the entire part number. If the user wants to bring up a family of parts the initial characters of the part number can be entered. For instance, for the LAN 10/100 family, entering “H1´ brings up the Fast Ethernet discrete components listed on the site. Avoid adding “ordering info´ to the part number, such as H1012(T). The “T´ is for Tape and Reel in the Pulse ordering system and doesn´t exist in this parts index.

Data Sheet Menu

The data sheet menu is listed by Product Group Categories. By clicking on a particular Product Group Category, a list of data sheets available for those products unfurls—with titles that link to the data sheets, dates, and data sheet numbers links. The list of Pulse Product Group Categories remains at the top of the page for perusing other products. Pulse data sheets are posted to the site in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view Pulse data sheets. Some PDF files are very large and are divided into smaller sections for easier downloading (see Data Sheet Menu for detailed instructions).

Site Search

Located in the pop-up menu, this is a smart, site-wide, key word search that can be used to locate information about everything on the Pulse site from legacy passives to Antennas. When “key words” are entered into the site search, the engine scans the entire site, including PDFs. The result displays as an ordinal list from the top result being most likely to have the information being searched–highest to lowest.

Contacts & Offices

If you need help from a local Applications Engineer or from Sales or a Customer Service group, refer to Pulse Offices and to the Contacts (e-mail) page of this site. You can call local Pulse offices as well as Pulse Authorized Distributors and Representatives worldwide.

Quote/Sample Form

Fill out this form to receive a quote and/or a sample. Communicate directly with a Distributor or an Applications engineer. All of the areas with the red asterisk, *, are required fields.