Signal Transformers JXT4 Series

Pulse Electronics has expanded their range of market leading PulsejackTM, integrated connector modules (ICMs) for high speed 10GBase-T over copper with the introduction of the JXT4- family. These latest additions are ideal for interfacing ruggedized Industrial, mobile 4G/5G and other outdoor high-speed computing equipment to backhaul servers and switches over Cat6 unshielded Cable.

At just under 12mm in height – these new additions complement, the current commercial grade JT4- 10Gigabit product family, and help push your design boundaries out into the wider Industrial and extended operating temperature range from -40oC to +85oC. All within the same footprint and PCB space as the lower rated JT4 product and with Pulse’s renowned IEEE electrical conformance and reliability.

As PM marketing associate Director Robert Frost stated –  

“All PulseJack™ designs provide a “one-component” solution that offer superior EMI/EMC compared to a discrete design. All the hard work has been done by the expert technical design Team in San Diego or China and verified by the 3rd Party PHY vendors.”

He went on to say “What’s great about this new design – is the JXT4’s internal cavity and pin placement. This allows for the integration of an additional “5th channel” to support proprietary Common mode sensing on the cable a feature implemented by some PHY vendors ICs to improve signal clarity and reduce processing power – something many smaller designs cannot achieve.”

The newly modelled FCC lead frame has also been included in this platform to give higher signal performance with greater Near End (NEXT) and Far End (FEXT) crosstalk cancellation. Combining this design feature with the latest 3rd generation magnetic results in higher electrical performance and an   improvement in return loss in the upper frequency bands leading to clearer signal waveforms and less risk of dropping links or packets in critical high-speed network links.

For more information about the new JXT4- family and updates to the JT4 and mid-mount JT3- 10GBase-T PulseJack™ ICM products covering the commercial temperature range and the 2xN and 1xN multiport selections of JT5- and JT6- platforms, please review our product overview.

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