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When it comes to vehicular antennas that help your fleet communicate, navigate, and transmit data, PulseLarsen offers a wide range of multi-band options options–including offerings from our Panther, Armadillo, Jaguar, Razorback, Disk, and Shark Fin antenna families. While all of these choices offer a complete telematics solution, each one has specific benefits that make it a better choice for some but not for others.

In this post, we will take a closer look at our Shark Fin (GPSDM) model, which is often seen on taxis around the world because of its ability to transmit mobile data. Below, we will be covering seven different advantages of this versatile all-in-one LTE, WiFi and GNSS multi-band antenna that makes it a top choice among our customers.

  • They are easy to install.
    With the shark fin antenna, only one piece of hardware needed to install instead of several, and it can be attached with a simple, tamperproof direct mount stud.
  • They are aesthetically appealing.
    These antennas are called shark fins for a reason: they are sleek, aerodynamic, and visually pleasing, ideally placed on a ground plane. They come in both a black and white option, which can blend in well no matter what color your fleet. Finally, they’re better looking than installing several single antennas, taking away the “porcupine” look!
  • They are lower cost.
    Since you only need to install one multi-band antenna instead of several single antennas, you save money both when you buy the Shark Fin antenna and when you install them.
  • They are high performing.
    The higher profile Shark Fin design delivers the best possible performance when it comes to communication, navigation, and data transfer. Our other high performance automotive antennas include our Panther, Jaguar and Razorback series
  • They are ideal for voice, mobile data, public safety, WLAN and asset tracking applications.
    There’s a reason these antennas are so popular among taxi fleets and other commercial vehicles–they are perfect for a number of applications that combine navigation with data transmission.
  • They are rugged.
    The Shark Fin doesn’t just have a visually pleasing design, they are also extremely rugged. Tree branches, bad weather, and car washes are no match for these multi-band antennas, which are designed to withstand the regular hazards that antennas face when mounted on a vehicle and exposed to the elements.
  • They have long, reliable lifespans.
    Shark Fin antennas are built to last. They are IP67 weatherproof while providing UV protection. These design features ensure a long, reliable, maintenance-free life.

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