network connector JXD2

The latest revision of the popular JD2/JXD2 family of top entry PulseJacks™ has been redesigned to comply with the most stringent RoHS and WEEE directives yet. This follows the ending of all the exemptions relating to lead (Pb)  in components and sub-assemblies. Therefore, with ALL traces of lead (Pb) removed, the NEW JXD2-0ZxxNL range are greener then ever and fully RoHS compliant. They also meet the latest TSCA requirements for banned PBT substances under US regulation.

These new catalogue releases are offered as direct replacements to the existing selection of Top entry JD/JXD2 products. They are fit, form and function compatible with JXD2-0Z10/11/15NL  and there are also two new options; a drop in 10/100 Non LED design that can replace JXD2-0001/0010NL under JXD2-0Z14NL for applications where LEDs are not required and a dedicated design for Current Mode Driven PHYs, under JXD2-0Z25NL with access for the Vcc+ power linkage across to the PHY side central taps.

To keep the range cost effective there is no longer a commercial temperature range solution, the industrial or extended temperature product will cover this as well.

The Platform also has the flexibility to add 2.5G and 100 PoE options should the need arise as a semi-custom solution*

*subject to volume


“These new “greener” design offer the same reliability and future proofing you’ll need for an Industrial 100Mb or 1GbE top entry ICM in todays markets”

Robert Frost | Product Marketing, Network PBU, Pulse Electronics


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